How To Start Meditating: 10 Tips for Meditation

The Top 10 Meditation Tips

Have you ever considered, what it would be like to experience absolute stillness in the mind?


I’m talking complete silence, not s single thought, no annoying inner voice, no images, catchy pop songs or considerations on what to eat for your next meal?


I’m going to give you a clue as to what it is like…


Absolute bloody bliss!!


How is this possible? Through meditation!


I’m going to give you some mediation tips on how to practice mediation. 

I can see why this has become as popular as it is, especially in this day and age of endless busy schedules, deadlines, social media posts, kids parties… the list is infinite.


There’s no doubt that mediation offers a whole host of benefits to our lives, and I’m gong to give you some tips for mediation and how you can start reaping those benefits today. You owe it to yourself, you deserve a break, so let’s get into these meditation tips.



1. Create Your Space


It really helps to have a dedicated space for your mediation. Somewhere you can return to for each meditation. It is good that space be cleared from any clutter. You will want it to be comfortable and quiet to help you really drop into your mediation practice. 


2. Create Time

One of the biggest excuses as to why people don’t meditate, is that they do not have the time. There is always time for mediation. Even just a few minutes out of your day can reap huge rewards over time. Some choose to meditate first thing in the morning while the mind is already clear. Make sure this time is away from your phone and other distractions.


3. Make it a Routine

Once you have created your space and set your desired time, begin to make this a routine by constantly returning to your space at the same time each day. This will enable you to be able to drop into your mediations a lot quicker and effectively. 


4. Get Comfy

Make sure you are sitting comfortably, with your spine straight and your chin tucked in slightly. I would suggest to avoid lying down unless you would like your meditation to turn into nap time. 

Use blankets, cushions, pillows or props to add support.


5. Just Breathe

Breathe deep. Bring regulation to your breath will help the mind and body to drift into relaxation. Become acutely aware of the breath. When you find yourself drifting into thought, gently return your awareness to the breath, repeat, breath, repeat.


6. Practice Non Attachment 

Your mind IS going to wander, your thoughts WILL be erratic and persistent. Become the observer of thought. It is helpful to watch thoughts as If watching clouds passing in the sky. Try not to become attached to thoughts or follow them into the thoughtful abyss. Acknowledge them and watch them as they gently come and go.

Use your breath to create relaxation. Don’t worry, it’s normal to have this many thoughts, and being aware of them is the first step to bliss.


7. Focus

It may be helpful for you to set a point of focus. You may do this through mantra (repeating words over), visualisations, drawing your awareness to different body parts and holding the focus here. You may also find focussing on an intention can bring deep states of peace and insight. 


8. Just Observe

Just set the intention to be the observer. Watch everything, as if watching a movie. Do not become attached to anything observed. Just breathe and observe.


9. Toning/Chanting

Using a word or sound can be a very helpful tool to focus your attention. Many use the word Om over and over. This not only keeps your awareness fixed on a single task, but it also generates a vibration throughout the body that supports deep levels of concentration and relaxation.


10. Build Your Practice


Start small, and build. Even sitting still for a few moments can bring a sense of peace. Start with a period of time that you know is achievable and slowly increase the time of sitting in meditation. Over time you will find yourself sitting comfortably for longer, increasing the benefit and effects of your daily meditation practice.



These are my top 10 tips for mediation. This should give you a digestible guide on how to start mediating. There are so many more meditation tips but start simply and as your practice grows, so will your thirst to learning more on how to practice mediation.


Plant the seeds, water them, and watch them bloom.

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