YTT 300HR Module 1 ~ Yin & Restorative

Deep dive into the philosophies and practical application of yin and restorative yoga, along with complimentary myofascial release techniques. You will leave this 100HR module with the tools, techniques and confidence to lead both yin and restorative classes.
Perth WA, 25th Aug - 18th Sep 2022
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Level up

The curriculum at a glance...

Yin Yoga through meridian & fascial lenses

  • The Taoist Energy (Qi) Philosophy as it relates to a yin practice
  • Interoceptive awareness as a means of emotional regulation
  • Chinese, Pericardium & San Jiao Meridians + fascial pathways
  • The 5 Element Theory of organ balance &movement flow
  • Yin Yoga asana for efficient Qi flow
  • The three Yin harmonies of breath, flow & asana
  • Breath control & visualisation for a deeper yin practice
  • Principles of tissue lengthening ~ fascia, muscle & neural 
  • Class planning, asana selection, sequencing & sensory stimulation

Restorative Yoga

  • Breath & visualisation integration through Mindfulness
  • Effective use of props & equipment to support students
  • Guided touch as a means of reassurance & encouragement
  • Alignment cues to go deep into the viscera & interoceptive organs
  • Modifications & additional support for common injuries
  • Class planning, asana selection, sequencing & sensory stimulation

Fascial Release Techniques

  • Direct Pressure Techniques (DPT) & Mobilisation Techniques
  • Equipment, function & how to select for different body areas
  • Preparing the body for mobilisation, including hydration & analgesia
  • Hierarchy of application, load & duration
  • Soft tissue degradation & resolution
  • Biological consequence of DPT on tissue ~ fascia, muscle & neural
  • Possible repercussive affects ~ blood pressure, state of mind & body organ systems
  • Contraindications of fascial release techniques
individual module certification
You will be issued with a certificate of completion at the end of each module when all requirements are met as per Yoga Alliance standards. 
300HR certification
Once you have completed your full set of 3 x 100HR modules, you will be issued with our 300HR YTT certification. If you already have your 200HR YTT certification, you will be eligible to register as 500-RYT with Yoga Alliance. 
There is no time requirement for completion of the full set of 3 x 100HR modules. We will be running the modules all year round so you can work with your own schedule.

You will be guided to discover your own unique path within the yoga industry. You will learn advanced teaching techniques and leave primed to take your yoga career to the next level.

4 week schedule ~ 2021


25th - 28th AUG

4 day immersion ~ Thursday to Sunday


Weekend workshops ~ Saturday & Sunday 

10TH & 11TH SEP

Weekend workshops ~ Saturday & Sunday 

17TH & 18TH SEP

Weekend workshops ~ Saturday & Sunday 

Core inclusions...

  • In-person workshops in our beautiful Perth studio ~ deepen your understanding, learn with your peers and continue to expand
  • All training materials ~ come as you are on day one as we will provide everything you need
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate ~ celebrate your expansion upon successful completion of all requirements
  • Ongoing support after your training ends ~ receive ongoing guidance, encouragement and love!
  • Our bonus gift to you: Complementary membership with both our Yab Yum Yoga Perth studios during your YTT! 

    Note: Your membership starts on day 1 of each Module and continues for the four weeks (If you are currently on a YYY membership, your payment will be adjusted accordingly).
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The exchange
1 x 100HR Module

Please enquire for full payment options
Full standard rate
Flexible payment options and deadlines
$250 deposit required to book

*There is no 'early bird' rate for the individual 100HR modules, however, you will receive $500 off your third module

I'm ready to deepen + expand my offerings...


About the training

We're passionate about offering further education beyond our 200HR YTT. We're here to help you deepen your knowledge, cultivate growth, learning, evolution, and develop your niche in the ever evolving field of yoga.

This is a unique opportunity for you to level up your teaching skills and enhance your offerings for your beautiful community of yogis.

Dive into the depths of the advanced philosophies and history of the East, including a deep immersion into the Chinese meridian and energetic systems within yoga (Yin), perfectly paired with the sciences of the West including advanced anatomy, fascial lines, functional movements and interoceptive intelligences of body and mind. 

This training will prepare you with everything you need to establish yourself as a highly sought after advanced yoga teacher... a leading pioneer within the industry. 

Why Yab Yum?

Yab Yum Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, the largest internationally recognised organisation for professional yoga teachers and schools.
Upon certification, you may apply for *500-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status with Yoga Alliance, which enables you to teach anywhere in the world.
*You must already have your 200HR certification to be eligible for 500-RYT status.
Our 300HR yoga teacher training is like no other.
We understand how challenging it can be to focus on your personal growth and learning while juggling all the commitments of work and life. We've created a journey that is truly flexible, allowing you to weave the training into your busy schedule, when the time is right.
Our passionate, world-class trainers have crafted individual experiences that go far beyond the minimum requirements. We're here to offer the deepest level of learning, expansion and service to our community of yoga teachers.
We're here to train the best of the best.
You will join a group of like minded souls who share the same vision and goal, supporting each other through moments of absolute heart exploding bliss and undoubtedly moments of inevitable struggle. Each group merges into union, as a new tribe of soul family and community is birthed. 

All our students comment on the passion, dedication, love and care of our teaching team. They truly are committed to helping each individual bloom into the teacher they were always destined to be.

Meet your team

These two probably need no introduction... Yuki and Luke are the heart and soul behind the Yab Yum Yoga Academy, here to guide and support you through this journey.

As well as these two beautiful souls, you will be mentored by our infinitely passionate and dedicated trainers with 40+ years, 1000's of hours of experience and over 16 YTTs between them...
Needless to say, dear yogi, you're in good hands!!
We can't wait to have them share their wealth of knowledge and experience whilst we support and mentor you every step of the way.

Scroll down to meet your trainer for Module 1 ~ Yin & Restorative Yoga.
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Andrew Williams

At six years of age, Andrew began his training in Martial Arts and later became an instructor, with 27 years of experience under his belt.
Since then, Andrew's obsession with the human body has expanded his knowledge on a daily basis. He is highly regarded as a Remedial Therapist, Master Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Deep Tissue Therapist, working with many of Perth’s top yoga teachers, international athletes and those injured in normal living.
Andrew's incredible knowledge of the body and movement, paired with his masterful delivery, offers each student the gift of peering into his genius mind and taking this into their own teachings on the mat.
Trust us, anatomy and physiology have never been so gripping and exciting to learn!!

We can't wait to hear from you, dear yogi xo

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